About To The Trains

To The Trains is an independent, digital media outlet that has documented Britain's railways since 2020. We were founded by a rail enthusiast for rail enthusiasts. As they say, welcome on board!

Initially publishing on YouTube, To The Trains continues to be the go-to destination for comprehensive videos on everything from rolling stock to routes. The channel is home to over 30 videos amassing in excess of 60,000 views and 650 subscribers. Our videos are produced by a team of one — Seb.

We have also experimented with other formats, such as podcasts. Offering a laid-back, conversational approach to railway journalism, Railway Rover was designed to complement the content on our YouTube channel. It is a gateway to listeners on other platforms, too.

And you have now arrived at our next stop. Please alight here for long-form written content from To The Trains, exclusively on tothetrains.uk. You will find a variety of articles, from trip reports and product reviews to the latest news from the industry. We are happy to have you here.

Where next?

To The Trains, 2020—onwards.

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