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Documenting Britain's Railways

The EMR Class 158 "Express Sprinter"

The Class 158 is a feat of engineering. Constructed during the era of British Rail, it continued to operate throughout the privatisation of the railways and still serves passengers up and down the country today. Known otherwise as the Express Sprinter, the Class 158…

Watch the London Underground live with TrainTrackr's 333 LED display

TrainTrackr’s London Underground live tracker is no doubt the perfect product for any rail and transport enthusiast. The premise is simple; the board connects to your home Wi-Fi to display train arrival data from London’s vast tube network. And it does so in real-time by harnessing Transport for London’s live APIs to automatically update 333 LEDs.

Railway Rover: Western Europe's Railways

Welcome back to Railway Rover - this episode now approaching takes a look at continental Europe’s railways, particularly in western Europe. We’re joined by Ambroise, a resident of Belgium, to introduce you to the railways across the (English) Channel and highlight some key comparisons. We…

The LNER Class 801 "Azuma"

The Class 801 electric multiple units are operated by London North Eastern Railway under the Azuma brand, and were brought into service in 2019 under the Intercity Express Programme. These units were introduced as part of the Department for Transport’s aforementioned Intercity Express Programme,…